How should garden care be in autumn?

How should garden care be in autumn? First of all, let’s collect the fallen leaves with the help of a rake and remove them from the area. We can use these leaves as organic fertilizer by keeping them outside the field. Aerate the garden soil with a tiller or hand tool. Trim dead or broken […]

A New Building Material: Wood Fiber Concrete

A New Building Material: Wood Fiber Concrete “Scientists have worked on a method for recycling unused concrete with wood fibers. They produced wood fiber concrete, a new building material with greater flexural strength than the original concrete. This work can help reduce CO2 emissions associated with new concrete production.” Concrete has long been a favorite […]

Living Roofs, Green Roofs

The impact of extreme weather conditions on nature and society is profound. As the temperature of the atmosphere increases, its capacity to store moisture increases. This causes larger and more powerful storms, heavy rainfall events and flooding. But can we design our buildings to mitigate the effects of major weather events? The solution to this […]

Carbon Storage: Wood

The use of fossil fuels to obtain energy and the intense release of carbon and carbon dioxide gases into the atmosphere unfortunately cause global warming and climate change. It is possible to capture, store and preserve carbon dioxide. However, it will be possible to slow down climate change. The CO2 emission in wood production is […]