Project Start Date : May 2013

Project Completion Date : November 2013

The INDOOR SPORTS HALL of IZMIT MIMAR SINAN HIGH SCHOOL, which was put out to tender by the SPECIAL PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION of KOCAELI, remained in the possession of our company and the ground delivery was made and the work started in May – 2013. The project, which was under construction rapidly, was completed in November – 2013 and presented to the use of the high school school existing in the area. In the project built using reinforced concrete and steel structure technique, as stated in the ground report and static project, the foundation system is reinforced with 100 mini piles with a diameter of 30 cm at a depth of 3 m. Single-storey gym with a construction area of 750 m2 in basketball and volleyball courts for professional use, 600 m2, men & women’s locker rooms, showers, and the referee rooms.