Project Start Date : June 2004

Project Completion Date : September 2005

June September Jul 2004 – The project, which is located in the Bahçecik area of Kocaeli, which is at the forefront with its clean air and greenery, started as a housing project and was completed in September 2005 and delivered to the owners of the housing. the site, which is built on an area of 4500 m2, consists of 6 twin blocks and 12 duplex villas. Each villa has a gross usage area of 185 m2 and there is a fireplace, barbecue, patio and 15 m2 multi-purpose warehouse in the villas. The site is located in the common area with a children’s playground, a 150 m2 fully automatic swimming pool, a sunbathing area and a parking lot with landscaping. The security of the site is provided by cameras and the security unit located at the entrance to the site.