Project Start Date : January 2011

Project Completion Date : June 2012

TEPEKÖY CULTURAL CENTER, which was put out to tender by the KOCAELI METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY, remained in the possession of our company and the place was delivered and the work started in January 2011. The project, which was under construction rapidly, was completed in June 2012 and presented to the use of the people of the region. In the project built using reinforced concrete and steel construction technique, aluminum composite plate cladding, structural silicone curtain wall and terra-cotta curtain wall systems were used as exterior wall coverings. The cultural center, which has a total construction area of 2200 m2, consists of 2 blocks as KOMEK and a wedding hall. The KOMEK section has 3 floors and there are vocational courses and administrative departments that can be used by the people of the region. In the part of the wedding hall with a capacity of 650 people, all kinds of wedding and organization services are provided.