Project Start Date : March 2012

Project Completion Date : July 2013

KURUÇEŞME CULTURAL CENTER, which was put out to tender by the MUNICIPALITY of KOCAELI, remained in the possession of our company and the place was delivered and the work started in March 2012. The project, which was under construction rapidly, was completed in July 2013 and presented to the use of the people of the region. In the project, which was built using reinforced concrete and steel construction technique, travertine mechanical curtain wall cladding and arches and jambs in Seljuk architecture were created on the facade using precast building elements as exterior wall coverings. The cultural center, which has a total construction area of 3500 m2, has 2 basement floors + Ground floor + 1. It consists of a total of 5 floors, including a normal floor. 1. There is an amp on the basement floor that can be used as a wedding / conference hall for 150 people, where full acoustic, professional sound and lighting systems are used. 600 m2 hall where weddings and similar societies can be held on the ground floor, 1. There are vocational classes where KOMEK courses are given on the normal floor, protocol rooms, 2 350 m2 sports halls and administrative units on the other floors. Professional systems such as vrf and roof-top were used in the mechanical heating, cooling and ventilation systems of the cultural center. The cultural center also has a car reception area and parking.