Project Start Date : November 2011

Project Completion Date : August 2012

The WORK of the WORKSHOP BUILDING of ALIKAHYA VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, which was put out to tender by the SPECIAL PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION of KOCAELI, remained in the possession of our company, and the place was delivered and the work started in November – 2011. The project, which was under construction rapidly, was completed in August – 2012 and started the education and training period. The vocational school, which has a total construction area of 2200 m2, also has 7 engine technology workshops. the school, which consists of 3 floors, also has a canteen and a multi-purpose amphitheater hall with a capacity of 100 people on the basement floor, and workshops and administrative sections on the other floors. A ceremonial area, seating benches are located in the school’s garden along with landscaping.